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What Equipment Do You Need For Safe Martial Arts Training?

Taekwondo is a full-contact combat sport that features a series of striking and kicking techniques that fighters use to try and score points. Just like any other sport, it requires protective gear for safe training. There are some important supplies you will need before you enter the ring.


Cushioned gloves help to protect the hands and wrists attached to the fighter's body. Fighters will not only use their gloves to strike opponents but also, protect their ribs, head, face, and neck from taking hits. The gloves allow fighters in the ring to throw stronger punches, as opposed to bare-knuckle striking. There are different types of boxing gloves appropriate for different settings. Thickly padded boxing gloves are helpful when striking a punching bag. Competition gloves are less padded, and are worn when fighting in a ring.


Headgear is essential for protecting the brain and the skull. Repeated blows taken to the head from successful strikes can result in a concussion—or worse, internal bleeding. The best headgear equipment will also prevent cuts, bruises, fractures, and bumps. Headgear prevents a few disadvantages in the ring, such as making your head a bigger target, but it is more important to protect yourself than to chance a severe injury.


All male TKD fighters need to wear a cup to protect their genitalia. No male wants to be knocked down from a lethal shot to the groin. Several hits to the groin can cause severe damage, including internal bleeding, testicular fracture, or rupture. Damage to this area should never be left untreated. Scott Miller MD says “Not only are groin injuries painful, but also they can involve damage to internal structures, joints, and ligaments. Treatment is sometimes difficult in these instances, causing continued discomfort and secondary problems. One way to help avoid these complications is to wear protective gear such as an athletic cup.”


A mouthguard is essential for protecting teeth and jaw bones. Consider practicing with a mouthpiece in your mouth to get a feel for what size and shape are most comfortable. A smile is worth protecting; unlike other bones, your teeth can’t grow back if they’re damaged. Gentle Family Dentistry says that “Custom-designed mouthguards are made of flexible plastic and molded to fit the shape of your teeth. Mouth guards are recommended to protect the jaw, tongue, cheek lining and teeth during physical activity and sports such as boxing, football, basketball, or other activities where your mouth might get hit. Guards generally last 3-10 years.”


Kettlebells are cast steel weights. This piece of workout equipment is used to improve the cardiovascular system, strength, and flexibility of TKD fighters. A kettlebell is composed of three main parts: the handle, the bell, and the base. The basic movements, such as swing, pump, push, and twist, work all muscle groups at once. There are many different effective exercises that can be accomplished with this one piece of equipment.

Focus Mitt

A padded target that trainers use to help TKD fighters improve their striking form. A trainer can use this pad can use this equipment to help a fighter improve the accuracy of their punches without suffering any injuries. These are another flexible kind of equipment that can be used to perform many essential drills.

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