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5 Must-Have Accessories For Martial Arts Training

Although martial arts can be fought with just your hands and fists, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need any accessories whatsoever to train. There several smart accessories you can pick up to improve your martial arts training. To get you started, here are five must-have accessories for martial arts training.

1. Mouth Guard

One of the first accessories you should pick up for your martial arts training is a quality mouth guard. Even if you are just messing around in training, a tooth can easily get knocked out if you do not protect yourself with a mouth guard. The best mouth guards come from a dentist with a customized fit for maximum protection.

2. Headgear

As well as protecting your teeth, you better protect your brain. Especially with all the scary things researchers are learning about the dangers of chronic traumatic encephalopathy caused by concussions, it is critical that you always train with headgear whenever there is a chance your head will be attacked. Wearing protective headgear is the smart choice for martial artists who want to protect their fragile brains.

3. Weapons Case

If you use a Katana, Shinai, Bokken, or Okinawan Weapons as part of your martial arts training, you need to have a quality case to transport them in. A hardshell weapons case protects your weapons from damage. Make sure to lock up your case when you are at a tournament or other open setting where theft could be a concern.

3. Athletic Tape One thing that anyone who has trained in the martial arts for long can tell you is the fact that you will get hurt occasionally in this sport. That is why it is good idea to always have some athletic tape in your bag. Taping yourself up will protect you from injury in the first place, and it will also allow you to keep training through minor injuries.

4. Shin and Instep Pads

Anyone who has felt the sting of a direct blow to the shins will tell you it is the kind of pain you never want to experience. Make sure you avoid this by always wearing shin-instep guards to keep yourself safe.

5. Rub for Aches Muscles aches, joints sprains and other pains are a fact of life in the martial arts. You don’t want the pain to make you stiff and limit your training. Make sure to keep some liniment oil or other type of muscle balm in your bag to keep your aches at bay during training. You can also use it to warm up your muscles quickly without wearing yourself out.

If you pick up these five accessories, you will be well prepared for your martial arts training. As you progress as a fighter, you will undoubtedly find other accessories that will improve your brand of training. Never be afraid to experiment with new accessories to take your performance to the next level.

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