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4 Essential Tools for Personal Safety Everyone Should Keep with Them

No one wants to find themselves in a threatening or scary situation. Personal safety is something you should take seriously, so it’s important to always be prepared for the worst. With the right tools and knowledge, maintaining your personal safety is easy and attainable. Here are a few tools you should always keep with you for emergencies.

Portable First Aid and Trauma Kit

A portable first aid and trauma kit is important to carry with you. According to Inside First Aid, you want to be sure your kit contains hemostatic gauze to stop bleeding and Israeli bandages to close large wounds. You can then add additional items, such as nitrile gloves for protection, medical tape, Benadryl, wound cream, acetaminophen and ibuprofen, sterile gauze, tweezers and Band-Aids. Add a tourniquet for more critical injuries to assist with uncontrollable bleeding in the arms and legs. Lastly, replace any items as you use them so that your first aid kit is always stocked and ready to go.


Flashlights today are brighter, have different light options, and can be used as a primary self-defense weapon. When used as a defense weapon, its light can be bright and disorienting, causing temporary blindness. You can use the shaft of the flashlight as a striking weapon as well. If you find yourself in a rescue situation, the bright, powerful beam of light becomes a way to attract help. During a power outage, flashlights can light a certain area to allow for safety as poor lighting is responsible for a significant portion of slip and fall injuries, according to Ahlander Injury Law. recommends lights without multiple mode or click-ons; you push the button and hold it down to shine a very bright and focused light, and release the button to turn off the light.

Mace or Pepper Spray

Pepper spray and mace provide other forms of personal safety. Pepper spray is an oily liquid that is not water-soluble, so when it comes into contact with someone's face, coughing, choking, nausea and temporary blindness will occur. When you are in a situation that feels uncomfortable, be aware of your surroundings and have the spray in your hand and ready to use. Pepper spray and mace are very beneficial self-defense weapons to have with you.

Glass Break Hammer

If you find yourself trapped in your car after an accident, a glass-breaking hammer tool can help extricate you and your passengers quickly and safely, according to Krudo Knives. This tool is made to break through glass as well as cut through seat belts that are stopping passengers from getting out of the car or being rescued. Always store your glass-breaking hammer in a place that you can access quickly and easily, such as the in the middle console, driver-side door or on the visor above the steering wheel.

Though scary situations may occur, having tools like the ones above will help you to always be prepared. Even if you think nothing bad will ever happen to you, it’s important to plan for the unexpected. Always be aware of your surroundings and proactive about your personal safety and you’ll be prepared for whatever situation may come your way.

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