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How to Help Teens Overcome Their Addiction

One of the most difficult things a parent faces is a teenage child's addiction. Of course, the best method of handling drug addic

tion is to stop it before it becomes a problem by talking with your child, but that does not always mean it will be effective. Up to 50% of teens report having misused drugs at some point in their lives, and 63% of high school students have consumed alcohol. It's a widespread problem.

If this is you, don't worry. It's a journey, but there is hope! Here are four ways to help your teen overcome their addiction.

Stage a Family Intervention

You've probably heard people talk about interventions before, and you wondered if they actually work. Well, the answer is yes, but it's complicated. An intervention is not intended to be used alone, but as a part of family therapy, or as a catalyst to your teen entering a drug rehab program. Family members will take turns sharing with your teen how their addiction is affecting them. This will this make your child more aware of how their addiction impacts the entire family. Basically, an intervention is a great place to start.

Participate in Family Therapy

The great thing about family therapy is that it's beneficial for both adolescents and their adult caregivers. Through a number of therapeutic strategies, both your teen's addiction and any additional family issues will be addressed. Family members can ask questions, voice concerns, and work at rebuilding trust. Family therapy is crucial for the healing of all family members.

Seek out In-Patient or Out-Patient Care

The greatest benefit of a drug rehab center is that during the course of treatment, your teen will be protected from the many temptations that face them out in the world. If they are no longer at risk, then places can offer out-patient care that, according to the Midwest Institute for Addiction, “offers alcohol and drug detox in conjunction with continuing medical care, psychiatric care and assessments, behavioral care, and ancillary services” all while allowing them to continue school, work, or other obligations. As part of their rehab, most medical professionals will recommend they replace the negative habits with good ones that provide both physical activity and structure such as martial arts.

Take Care of Yourself

This may be the single best thing you can do for yourself and your teen. It is easy for a parent of a drug-addicted child to become overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed. It feels like your world's been turned upside down because it has. But you must make sure to get enough rest, eat healthy meals, and set proper boundaries. Your teen needs you, but you won't be of any use to them if you're unable to function.

It's a scary thing to discover that your teen has a drug or alcohol problem. It's something no parent ever hopes to face. But with some hard work and planning, you can help your teen overcome their addiction.

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