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4 Life Skills That Every Kid Needs

Children are taught many skills growing up, but have you ever wondered if they are receiving all the valuable life skills they will need to become as successful as possible? In our modern, technology driven, changeable world, skills for success go beyond classroom learning. Life skills that every kid needs can be integrated in their daily lives at home, through extracurricular activities and beyond.

Technology Literacy

Today technology is inescapable. Most businesses, schools and individuals use technology for communication and much more. Children as young as kindergarten age are using computers and tablets to do research at school, take assessments and practicing skills they are learning in the classroom. Kids need to be able to navigate their way successfully through these devices, apps and programs to help them succeed at school. The skills will stay with them and benefit well beyond kindergarten and graduation. Basic technology skills are almost imperative for success.

Budgeting, Saving, and Generosity

Money management is sometimes an undervalued topic to teach kids. Parents often tend to manage their children's money for them and let them learn about it on their own as adults, which can lead to some unpleasant natural consequences. Children, however, can be taught at a young age how to manage money. They can watch a parent model money managing skills and parents can keep an age-appropriate running dialogue with their kids about family financial decisions. Teaching a child about budgeting, saving, earning and tracking spending will help to keep them on track as they take on more financial responsibilities as they age. They will enter adulthood feeling prepared with the knowledge they will need to make solid financial decisions.


Every day, an average of 10 people die in the US from drowning, and 20 percent of them are children or younger teens. While 90 percent of Americans said they could swim, only half of them could swim well enough to pass the Red Cross’s five survival swimming tests. There’s really no excuse for that! According to SwimJim, even infants and young children can learn how to swim with the right coaching. Not only will this skill provide hours of fun in the hot summer months, but it could save your child’s life!


Empowering kids by allowing them to learn self-defense skills is not something that adults always think of. Learning how to defend oneself will give kids confidence and added protection in the event that they ever face a threat from another human. Self-defense skills may help to alleviate some anxiety of unfamiliar situations for kids. By being proactive and teaching them the proper skills they will not only know how to defend themselves, they will also know when to use it. Nobody likes to think a child will need to know how to protect themselves, but it is always better to be prepared. It's important to outfit children with the basic skills to become self-sufficient and current. Preparing kids with the skills they need to navigate their lives confidently and competently is one of the best childhood gifts they can receive.

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