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4 Important Skills to Develop Before Going to College

With high school graduation season right around the corner, many incoming college students are exploring the skills that they need to prepare them for university life. Fortunately, kids who have grown up practicing Taekwondo are at an advantage when entering college because of the valuable skills they picked up through the popular martial arts practice. In addition to this, here are four important skills that students need to develop in order to increase their chances of success in college:

Work Ethic

The entire philosophy of martial arts is focused on the concepts of self-discipline and hard work. Because Taekwondo is a complex art, it takes dedication to master each level. The patience required to progress toward each new goal inspires the cultivation of a solid work ethic. Kids who participate in Taekwondo are less likely to give up when obstacles get in their way because of the perseverance they learned through this practice.


Because Taekwondo levels build on themselves incrementally, it is important that participants master the art of goal-setting. This valuable life skill will pay off big dividends for college students. Without being under the watchful eye of parents, college students need to be self-motivated enough to set goals and then work to achieve those goals.

Time Management

Making the jump to college from high school is a big leap. As young adults go out on their own, they will need to employ effective time management skills. It is easy to get side-tracked with the many activities, sporting events, and parties that take place on college campuses everywhere. The most successful students are those that reserve specific blocks of time for studying. Like all things in life, college living is all about finding the right balance of work and play.

Using a Learning Management System

Mastering a Learning Management System will help students to keep track of grades, manage assignments, study for tests, and much more. Several years ago, universities all over the state switched over to Canvas, and now Canvas is becoming the standard LMS for K-12 schools in Utah and California. Regardless of what system you use, it is important to have these skills in place prior to heading off to college. With the right preparation, you can learn the skills that will best set you up for success in college. Practicing Taekwondo is an ideal way to lay the foundation necessary for gaining these life skills.

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