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3 Benefits Your Teen Can Get Out of Consistent Martial Arts Training

Many parents think of martial arts training as a fun activity for children. As your child grows, this training becomes more rigorous as they move to higher levels. Martial arts training is especially helpful to teenagers, giving them skills that will help them as they go off into the world. Here are three benefits of martial arts training for teens.


Self-defense is at the core of every school of martial arts training. You are learning how to guard yourself against attack, using your body as a defensive weapon. Having this kind of knowledge can keep your teen safe when they go off to college or travel alone. Many potential attackers will be scared off when the student expertly assumes a defensive stance because they will realize that this person is not an easy target.

Part of the training is also instruction on how to use this skill wisely. It might be tempting to use these abilities to gain power or respect at school. Most martial arts studios train their students to defend themselves and others from bullies, and not to become bullies themselves.

Increased Focus

Many schools of martial arts couple physical training with mental discipline. In order to learn the forms of martial arts, it takes self-control and focus. These are virtues that will serve a student well over time, both in the classroom and in the world. For example, this can help with driving. According to Greenstein & Milbauer, many driving accidents are caused by either reckless or distracted driving. Martial arts students are taught to do one thing at a time with focus. When you are doing martial arts, your full attention is on your practice. When you are driving, your full attention is on driving.

A Sense of Calm

PsychCentral shows that there are many benefits to mindfulness meditation, which are frequently part of martial arts training. Classes often begin or end with a time of silent meditation where students focus on breathing and calming their minds. They then learn to take this mindful attitude into the class, linking their breathing to the different positions, moves and drills. Finally, they are taught to take this attitude with them during their day-to-day activities. This kind of training encourages students to slow down as they go through life. They learn the skill of responding to situations in a thoughtful way rather than reacting impulsively. Martial arts practice leads to a sense of calm that can help teens in many different situations in the future. A calm demeanor can both defuse an angry person and comfort an anxious one.

If you are looking for a way to set your teen up for a successful future, martial arts classes with Royal West Martial Arts can be a great help. If your teen has trouble with focus or self-control, it may take them a little time and effort to make the most of the class, but it is worth it. By learning the mental and physical skills of martial arts, your teen will be ready to move forward calmly and confidently into adulthood.

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