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What Kind of High School Should You Send Your Teen To?

Parenting is tough work, and the job doesn't end just because your child is a teen. When you're the parent of a high school student, you have an important choice to make: where will your child go to school? For many parents, the choice is clear. Others find the decision difficult. Before you send your child to school, make sure you consider all of your options.

Public High Schools

For many parents, public high schools offer a great way for their child to receive an education. If your child enjoys sports and local activities, as well as attending school with neighborhood children, they may enjoy attending a local public school. Understand, however, that your child will need to adhere to a regular schedule. If you enjoy traveling or your child needs to miss school due to medical issues, a public school may not be the best choice.

Private High Schools

Similar to traditional public schools, private high schools offer local educational options to children. Private high schools typically do require that children wear a uniform to classes. This type of school also tends to be stricter when it comes to entrance requirements for students. Some private schools have a particular focus, so if you want your child to have a bilingual or religious educational experience, this can be a good choice.


For parents who want full control over their child's educational experience, homeschooling can be a reasonable option. Homeschooling allows you to choose which curriculum you'll use, which subjects your child will study, and where they will study. You can study at the library, at the park, or even at home when you choose to homeschool. Homeschooling parents may also join co-ops so their children can socialize and enjoy sports, dances, and other activities.

Online High Schools

For some families, accredited online high schools are the best choice. If your child wants an accredited program that will easily translate into college credits, an online high school can be a great choice. This gives your child the experience of being homeschooled but will have their own teachers who can be reached online. The curriculum is planned and provided, too.

No matter what your educational goals are for your child, make sure you take the time to carefully plan which school your child will go to so you can all have the best experience possible. And whichever school option you decide to do, don't forget to enroll your child in extracurricular activities such as taekwondo.

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