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Martial Arts and Coping With Emotional Trauma

There are many ways that people try to cope whenever they are faced with traumas in their life. Things like divorce can be emotionally draining and can lead to more pressing issues that affect mental, emotional and physical health. Finding a way to cope with the aftermath is vital to both children and adults. Everyone involved in these traumas need to find a healthy outlet for their confused feelings.

Physical Activity can Help Balance Mood

Depression and anxiety are serious conditions and should be evaluated by a professional who will suggest treatment plans. Some doctors will encourage exercise and movement in addition to other more traditional treatment methods. Exercise releases endorphins which will make you feel happier. That feeling can last for hours but even more importantly, can encourage you to do the same thing again so that you can recreate that feeling. Martial arts of any kind also allows you to meet new people and learn new skills. Those skills may include discipline and self-control. It is also an excellent way to vent frustration.

Martial Arts and Frustration

Anger can cause stress. Society tells us that anger is wrong, so we try to ignore it. More anger builds up, and little things start bothering us more and more. Martial arts is a great way to release all of that anger, frustration, and tension. Channeling all of those feelings into your strikes, kicks, blocks and even through the sounds that you make, can give you back control of your emotions.

Martial Arts is Great for School-Based Problems

Emotional trauma for children can come from many directions. School can be especially troubling especially for a child that is not doing well in his lessons or is facing problems with bullying. A physical outlet like martial arts can help with issues like focus and mental clarity, confidence, and physical conditioning. As a child settles into the martial arts class, he or she will learn that they have to listen to the instructor to master a new skill. They will practice self-control waiting to take turns to demonstrate a new ability and they will learn discipline through practicing to perfect that skill. Every time a child acquires a new skill or manages to move up from one belt color to another they will gain confidence.

A confident child is less likely to become the victim of a bully, and may start standing up for others as well. This new focus will help children to pay attention in class, and grades should improve. Overall, having exercise as a constant in a child’s life could help them to get through many difficult times in their life.


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