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How Martial Arts Improves Your Mood

No matter who you are or where you come from, one thing is true all around the globe: life is hard. We all will inevitably generate and hold tension in our bodies and minds. Without a channel to release this tension, it builds and expresses itself in ways that hurt us. Although any form of physical activity will help to ease this rigidity, few do it as directly as the martial arts.

Martial Arts For Stress Relief

Sometimes the best way to combat stress is with stress. The martial arts are a practice that puts practitioners in direct contact with their flight or fight response. The more time spent training, the more it turns the volume down on life’s normal stressors. Integrating it into your life will naturally help the way you handle stress in all areas. It’s a way to work through the array of negative emotions that latch on to us and don’t want to let go so easily. A regular training routine will help you be the calm one that others can lean on in times of hardships.

Martial Arts Makes You Happy

As we age, our dopamine supply depletes. The focus and intensity of a self-defense workout increase dopamine and serotonin production. Since these are so critical in regulating our sleep and mood, training can be the primary factor in raising a sense of well being and the quality of our lives. The endorphins released during exercise will also provide the reward of feeling fantastic afterward. In fact, before modern times, martial arts was used to treat imbalanced chakras and fix mood disorders.

Martial Arts Builds Confidence

A martial arts practice is a way to dive deep into our insecurities and face them. It’s an opportunity to prove to ourselves that we can do things we didn’t think we could do. This is another element that translates to life off of the mats and expresses itself as more self-confidence. Should you ever find yourself in a position to have to stand up to somebody, your training can be what helps you handle the situation without it resulting in a violent altercation. Usually just being more confident than an adversary is enough to get them to respect you. Confidence is one of the most important things we teach here.

Having a more calm, confident and happy life are all things that adopting martial arts into your routine will support. Not only does the practice itself enrich the lives of those who participate, but it also provides a community and support system of others who are growing along a similar path. The bond created with those you push your boundaries with is like nothing else, and the state of mind cultivated in training becomes a habit that creates a lifestyle of success. Ready to get started? Contact us today and start building the new you!


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