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Best Activities for the Outdoor Family

It can be quite a challenge to find outdoor activities for the whole family. You probably want your family to turn off the electronics and get some fresh air. Planning a few outdoor activities can help you break the same daily routine. If you think outside the box, you can find activities that are fun for everyone. Here are a few ideas for your next big family outdoor adventure.

Create a scavenger hunt

Remember the days of the scavenger hunt? Now you can recreate that for your own children. You will not need much to start. A scavenger hunt can be as simple or elaborate as you want. For a last minute idea, you can jot down a few items to look for as you take a neighborhood walk. These objects can include street signs, birds, landmarks, or garden fixtures. The first person to spot them all is the winner. For even more fun, invite your neighbors and turn it into a big event.

Go on a nature walk

There are plenty of places to explore no matter where you live. A good way for the kids to burn off a little energy is a trip to the local forest preserve or park. Many places have interpretive signs to learn about the local fauna and flora. You can even go out and collect some objects from your trip. Once you get home, make a collage of those items to relive the memories.

Plant a garden

Teaching your children the importance of healthy eating is the goal of many parents. By creating your own garden, you can show your children how healthy food is grown. This not only reinforces a healthy family lifestyle but may also help save a few pennies on your budget. Your children will love to eat food that they have helped to grow.

Decorate rocks

Painting rocks are quickly becoming a new craze. This is a simple activity that everyone in the family can enjoy. All you have to do is grab a few rocks from your yard. Be sure to clean the rocks before you begin. The decorating part is up to you. Your imagination is the only limit. Rocks can be painted or even glued with embellishments. If you are feeling really social, there are online groups dedicated to this activity. Fellow members take their rocks to public space and leave them for others to pick up. Some even include a website address so the rock finders can log in the location of the item.

Clean up a park

If you want to add a little community service to your outdoor activities, consider heading out to the local park. This is a great teaching tool to get your children involved in the community. You do not need a lot of supplies. Be sure to bring bags and some gloves for everyone. By cleaning up a few items, you can help spruce up your local space.

Martial Arts

While you’ll probably have to take different classes than your children do, your spouse and yourself can easily enroll in a martial arts program to not only get fit, but learn some valuable life skills. Since martial arts require training even after class, you can also prepare certain family-oriented workouts to help everyone increase their skill levels at home, whether outside during a run, or inside with a punching bag and some weights.


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