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5 Ways to Help Girls Feel More Confident

Image courtesy of Dr. Dan's Pediatric Dental

It is widely known that young girls and teens can have trouble feeling confident in themselves. Here are five ways to help your daughter feel more confident.

Expose them to strong female role models

One easy way to give a young girl confidence is to surround her with other strong women and girls. Children learn through observation, so if your daughter is surrounded by meek women who don't believe in themselves, chances are, that is how your daughter will feel too. Instead, give your child a chance to meet and be inspired by other capable and independent women. This will give her the confidence to believe in herself, and in the fact that no woman needs a man in order to feel safe and secure.

Discourage sexist language

Never allow language and phrases such as "Don't hit girls" and "Ladies First" in your home. These phrases will teach young girls that they should be treated differently and more gently than their male counter-parts. Girls are just as strong and capable as boys, and young girls should be taught.

Don’t categorize prospects by gender

There are many jobs, sports, and activities today that women are discouraged from participating in. Teaching your daughter that she is just as capable as her boy peers to play games like football or baseball, or have a job such as a police officer or miner is incredibly important. She will learn that she can do anything she puts her mind to, and that her gender, as well as society's norms should never discourage her from chasing her dreams and doing whatever she wants.

Foster independent learning

For many children, confidence in their abilities starts in the classroom. Your daughter’s main educational experience will play a significant role in how she learns to approach problems and interact with others. You should seek to provide your daughter with a well-rounded education throughout elementary school. Kindergarten is a particularly formative time for children since this is an opportunity to teach classroom fundamentals and instill a love of learning. Having a strong foundation early on will give your daughter the confidence and tools she needs to succeed later in life.

Enroll her in martial arts

Martial arts are a great way to help girls gain confidence. They will learn self-defense training, which will give the confidence to protect themselves. Unfortunately, girls are often targets, but if your daughter knows even the basics of self defense, she will be able to defend herself against any potential threats. Knowing a martial art may also give young girls confidence in standing up for themselves in situations of verbal attacks or harassment.

Teaching young girls self confidence is incredibly important in raising a strong young women. There are many ways to teach confidence, but always remember that at the core of your daughter is a strong human being who can do anything.

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