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How to Solve the Problem of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a problem that plagues far too many families. There are some promising strategies that are working to reduce the incidence of domestic violence with high-risk offenders. The CDC contends that domestic violence is preventable. Self-defense training is another strategy that empowers abused individuals, especially women, to take charge of their lives and stop being victimized.

Employ Self-Defense Tactics

Learning self-defense tactics provides the confidence that many women need to avoid or leave abusive relationships. Self-defense teaches female empowerment and reminds women of the power they have to control their life and environment. This type of training teaches women how to defend themselves and also how to prevent abuse. Additionally, the training also includes techniques about how to heal from abuse.

Teach Counseling and Coping Mechanisms

CDC has developed a package of six strategies that can be used to prevent partner violence. This package focuses on establishing protective environments, survivor support, relationship skills, peer and adult engagement strategies, disruptive techniques to prevent violence, and economic assistance for affected families.

Huffington Post published an article detailing information about the Manalive program which has been successfully used in San Francisco. It is a counseling program that teaches male offenders about techniques they can use to prevent violent outbreaks. The goal is to identify triggers and use coping mechanisms to deal with the emotions that can escalate out of control in the past.

Utilize Crime Prevention Strategies

In 2011, in direct response to an escalating number of domestic violence cases, High Point Police Department started using an approach called focused deterrence to reduce domestic violence cases. This strategy was created by the famous criminologist, David Kennedy. This is an intervention strategy that worked in Boston in the 1990s in the fight against gang gun violence. The comprehensive plan's goal was to get involved with first-time offenders and help them before they assaulted their partner again using community engagement, incentives, and the threat of jail.

The results were excellent. Re-arrests fell from a high of around 34 percent to the mid-teens. This success illustrates the power of this strategy.

Emphasize the Consequences

According to Summit Defense, a domestic violence conviction can have very serious consequences – including jail time, the imposition of restraining orders, and a permanent criminal record. For abusers who cannot or will not empathise with the pain of their victims, it is important to emphasize the personal consequences of choosing to abuse others.

In Summary...

School teaches us how to read and write, but unfortunately, there are no classes that teach relationships skills. The success of CDC's package and the Manalive program prove that domestic violence can actually be prevented by teaching abusers and their victims coping mechanisms and other tools to prevent recurring violent outbreaks.

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