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4 Steps Women Can Take to Protect Themselves from Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue that can sometimes affect women involved in relationships. The reasons for domestic violence may be jealousy or drug or alcohol abuse. Often, the cycle can be intergenerational—meaning that children who witness domestic abuse may grow up to be abusers themselves. Both for the victim and any children in the home, it is critical for women suffering from domestic violence to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and remove themselves from the situation. Below are a few steps to take when confronted with domestic violence.

Seek Help

Do not be afraid to seek help. In the event of domestic violence, call the police. You should not risk further harm by allowing the behavior to continue. A victim can experience even greater abuse in the aftermath of seeking for help. Women frequently make the mistake of first seeking help, then going back to the perpetrator out of fear. Although it can be extremely difficult, women in this difficult situation must find the courage to confront the problem head-on.

Recognize the Pattern

Domestic violence is rarely a one-time event. Once the pattern is established, abusers will continue with their violent attacks until they are stopped. Do not think the violence will stop after one attack. Abusers will often make promises or attempt to apologize for their behavior. Recognize that domestic violence is a pattern. Always stay away from the perpetrator until a real, long-term commitment is committed. A violent offender can sometimes be reformed, but this involves a lengthy process of counseling and behavior modification. Stand up for yourself and ignore the abuser’s pleas.

Seek Counseling for Yourself

Don’t be afraid to seek psychological support. PTSD, depression, and other disorders are common in women who have experienced the trauma of domestic violence. A licensed counselor who specializes in working with victims can help them heal and become whole again.

Learn Self-Defense

Gaining the ability to protect yourself through learning self-defense techniques can make a huge difference in your life if you have experienced abuse. Reality-based martial arts, which builds self-defense strategies in real-world situations, are not just a physical discipline—they also instill mental toughness. Empowered women who feel confident in the ability to defend themselves are less likely to be victims.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, the good news is that there are resources available to help you. You have the power to defeat domestic violence and protect your family. Follow these steps and take back your life.

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