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Let's Appreciate Local Utah Valley Businesses and How They Serve Our Community

All kinds of businesses call Utah Valley home, and beyond just trying to turn a profit, many of these entities have become essential elements of the community as they provide a wide variety of services. Whether it’s the kids, the community as a whole, or just people looking to improve themselves, the many businesses based in Utah Valley are ready to serve.

In the service of the young residents of Utah Valley

Education is always a primary concern for parents, and Utah Valley does not lack quality schools. Numerous colleges and universities are located in the area, and they are well-equipped to provide young adults with the education necessary to prepare them best for the challenges of the real world.

For example, The Discovery Academy specializes in assisting and educating troubled teens, helping them to not only excel in their studies but also make it possible for them to connect better with their loved ones.

For the kids of Utah Valley, Lulu’s Crafty Corner makes it easier for them to get in touch with their creative side and helps them express their ideas through their projects.

In the service of the Utah Valley community

Utah Valley is also home to businesses and establishments that seek to improve the community in different ways.

One notable example is the non-profit organization SCERA. Decades ago, SCERA was established by local leaders with the intent of lifting up the spirits of the residents of Utah Valley with the aid of the arts. SCERA continues to be a pillar for the community today by bringing family-focused entertainment to guests and opening up educational programs to those who are interested in pursuing a career in the arts.

Kneaders offers varied dining options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to customers, but beyond that, they also give back to the community by donating day-old bread to local food charities.

In the service of self-improvement

The aforementioned educational institutions in Utah Valley give residents a chance to become specialists in specific fields and to pursue their dream careers.

Meanwhile, Royal West Martial Arts is making a difference by teaching community members essential self-defense skills. We offer several programs to meet the community’s needs and interests, including:

  • Self Defense

  • Taekwondo

  • Jiu Jitsu

  • Kobudo

  • Judo

Our programs help students develop confidence and discipline while creating an opportunity to exercise and stay fit. When you have confidence and self-discipline, you can go much further in life, and be happier while you’re at it.

The businesses located in Utah Valley have a lot to offer to residents. Those who have some time to spare can drop by a local business and see how they help make a living in Utah Valley such a pleasant experience.

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